Here are some websites and apps that can be helpful on your writing journey!




Notebook.ai is a place for you to organize your world in an easy way. It has different tabs that you can create your world's creations in and then describe them in detail - from characters to locations to objects. While the version with all of the tab options does cost money, I highly recommend this site! I use it to keep track of all my characters and their relations with each other. There are also tabs for planets, magics, technologies, and more so definitely keep in mind that the free options are not all there is to notebook.ai! 


I stumbled upon Inkarnate when I was looking for an easy-to-use, FREE-to-use map maker. I had never used a map in my worldbuilding before, but I knew for this particular story it was a must. I was wary at first, thinking it would be difficult to use, but Inkarnate proved to be user-friendly and very detailed. When I showed the map to my friend, they said it was the best map they had ever seen created in just a few minutes. While there is, of course, paid options, I was just fine with the free stuff. If you're in need of a map for your world I would check Inkarnate out!



Story Planner for Writers


Story Planner is a great way to plan your novel on-the-go. It has tabs for the project itself, the characters, locations, plots, and scenes. This is a great app for when you have the basic plot of a certain scene in your head, but don't know all the details. You can describe the scene, add the characters that will be in it, where it will be, and so on and so forth. It even goes down to the time of the scene. While I use notebook.ai a lot for keeping track of characters and locations and such, Story Planner is a great way to keep track of scenes, since the scenes tab is one thing I'm not too fond of on notebook.ai. And if you're worried that there will be too much information to comprehend, never fear! Story Planner provides a mock story to showcase its features and help you understand its layout.

Baby Names

Baby name apps may seem obvious for naming characters, but if you can find the one I'm thinking of you have more than just varied names at your fingertips. Baby Names supplies you with thousands of names and then tells you how popular they are, their origin, their meaning, and what gender they are usually applied to. It also gives you a list of notable people with that name (if there are any) and names you might also like based on the particular name you chose. That's a lot of stuff packed into a baby name app! While I'm not fond of the pregnancy ads, they're tolerable for the variety and the sheer number of names provided by Baby Names. 

Timeline - Diary and Notes


Timeline is exactly what it sounds like - a timeline. I had never understood the need for one of these until my recent book idea (the one I also needed Inkarnate for) and I realized that time and days were a major aspect of the storyline. You can easily add in the dates of things and what happened on those dates and can also pick a color for the different events you place on your timeline. While Story Planner does have the time aspect in it, this gives a more visual look at how long a journey might be or when characters join the group. You can also add pictures if you want. Just like Story Planner, Timeline comes with a mock timeline so you can explore what the app has to offer. 



Have any suggestions? Feel free to contact me and tell me about them!
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