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Update on Book Reviews (February 2020)

Updated: Mar 22

Hey all!

So, I've been posting book reviews for a while, but I've always felt like I was missing something. Something to make my book reviews actually worth reading.

So, I did a poll on Facebook and asked what people wanted to see in book reviews. The results came in and it was just as I thought: I have been doing book reviews all wrong.

It seems most people want detailed, spoiler-full reviews of books instead of general, spoiler-free reviews like I have been doing thus far. While some people preferred reviews with no spoilers, most of the people that voted wanted spoilers and a detailed map of the book so they could get the gist of the novel before reading it.

It'll be a little harder for me to do it this way, as I've always been taught that spoilers are bad (despite loving them myself) but I will try my best to improve my book reviews and cater to what more people seem to like. So, from now on, expect more spoiler-y, in-depth book reviews!

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