• Sarah Nestler

Update October 2019

Updated: Feb 5

Hey all! So, originally this blog was going to have a focus on diverse YA and MG novels - particularly standalone novels or first-in-the-series books. However, after much consideration, I think I will try to focus my blog more on YA than MG.

My reasoning is twofold. One, it is really hard to find lists of MG books coming out. I just recently discovered a Goodreads list that has them all listed by year, but that makes my life extremely difficult because then I have to go through and figure out which months the books come out in. It's rather a pain. Two, while I still love MG books, my focus lately has been more on YA.

So, instead of having to keep up with two genres of books releasing, I think I am better suited at the moment to focusing my energies on only one genre.

Thank you for reading and understanding!

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