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Have you ever read a book that is so cheesy, so corny, so gimmicky that you know you should hate it, but you love it anyway?

That's me with this book.

Don't get me wrong, there are some interesting things in this book that make it stand out from the crowd a bit, but it was super predictable and apparently a new guilty pleasure of mine.

Trigger warning time: Death, murder off-page, suicide off-page, normal terrible high school drama.


While the details are unique to the story, such as one main character being selectively mute, the main premise of it is something everyone has read a million times.

Girl meets boy that is hurting. Boy pushes girl away by being an asshole because he is hurting, but girl sees through his attempt and feels for his pain. Their pain matches and they connect and FaLl In LoVe.

That's it. That's the story.

Despite it being hilariously predictable, I loved it. Sometimes, you just need a light read as a palette cleanse.


Maggie: Maggie is the selectively mute character, but she is so much more than that. I loved how cynical and protective of herself Maggie was. For good reason! However, as the story progresses and she gets more involved in her new life, she opens up more and we start to see that she really is just a supremely kind person that was given a crappy hand in life.

West: West is a star football player on his small town's team and is falling apart on the inside due to the fact that his dad is dying. He's definitely an asshole at first, but when we read his perspective you know immediately that he realizes it too and hates himself for it. While that doesn't make it right, we also know right away that he is redeemable. And while he has his ups and downs in the story, he does indeed redeem himself.


I found the pace of this one to be super fast. A nice, quick read. And even in the story things moved very fast. All that happens to the main characters, including falling in love, happens in about a month. Again, not the best representation of love as it is so unrealistic it's cringe-worthy, but I enjoyed it despite that.


To tell the truth, this is a very emotional book. Maybe it was just me, but I will admit that I cried multiple times during this. I even had the stereotypical tear stains on the pages and everything. It was so dramatic. So, going into this, be ready for an emotional read, not necessarily a light one.


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