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THE FLINT HEART by Katherine Paterson and John Paterson


This was such a cute story! I knew it was based on an old fairytale by Eden Phillpotts and retold by the Patersons, but I wasn't expecting it to keep that old-timey feeling of an original British fairytale. I really enjoyed delving into that feeling of traditional fairytales - it kind of reminded me of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland but without the complete randomness and with morals.

So, a more traditional British fairytale.

Anyway, I'm so glad I picked this book up. Not only was the story entertaining, but the pictures were beautiful. I really felt immersed in the story.


As I have said, this really felt like a traditional fairytale. While it was updated to appeal to modern readers, it didn't lose that charm. The plot starts out in the Stone Age where all the trouble with the flint heart begins. The flint heart makes whoever has it have a hard heart - they don't care about silly things like love and sentimentality. As you can probably guess, this leads to all sorts of conflict.

The story eventually leads us to Charles and Unity, whose father finds the flint heart. Chaos ensues once again in more modern (but not current) times as Charles and Unity, along with help from their various friends, try to get rid of the heart.


Charles: Charles is a young boy who just wants his everyday life to go back to normal - before the flint heart burst into his family's lives. He is twelve (I think) and loves to read. He is the main character of the story, though it's the flint heart that really progresses the plot.

Unity: Unity is one of Charles' sisters. She is a lot younger than him (Five, I believe) and is always wondering about the world. In fact, she begins basically every sentence with "I wonder...". It might seem like that would get annoying, but Unity was just so sweet that you forgave her for her constant curiosity about the world.


The pace was both slow and fast. Slow in the sense that it meandered along until it was finally time to truly get rid of the flint heart, but fast in the sense that there was almost constantly something going on. So, I guess I'll go with medium-paced for this book.


I really did enjoy this book. I enjoyed the edition of fairies and magic and such, as well as the just nostalgic feel of it. It made me want to find the original fairytale and read that - but I don't need to because this book hit all the right spots.

Favorite Quote:

"Everybody is somebody and I challenge anybody to deny it."


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