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Review: "We Awaken" by Calista Lynne

Okay, at first I was going to give this book four stars because it did go a little fast, but then I got towards the end and I was in literal tears so this book deserves five! The fact that it got me that emotional in only 169 pages really means something. There is also the fact that, considering the length, it kind of had to move fast to fit everything in.

And this book. Oh my god, this BOOK. It was so so so good!

It not only has two asexual main characters, but it also handles aphobia, selfishness, and loss. That's a lot to fit into a fairly small book. This is the first book I've read with asexual characters and I had no idea how much it would mean to me to be represented not only in a book but in a ROMANCE book*.

I loved how the main characters, Victoria and Ashlinn, are so incredibly human. They're not robots like I've heard so many asexual characters are made out to be. While Ashlinn comes off as strange some of the time, it's mostly explained by her profession and not her sexuality. This was really refreshing, even if there was a bit of insta-love going on.

This was an amazing, fast-paced, sexuality-exploring book that I highly recommend for basically anyone!

*The reason why asexuality represented in a romance book is important is because asexuals do not feel sexual attraction; this means that many people do not believe asexual people can be in relationships because many people view sex as a necessity. The fact that this is a romance book helps to destroy that misconception.

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