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Review: LET'S TALK ABOUT LOVE by Claire Kann


This was my first finished book of 2020 (I actually started it in October of 2019, but life got in the way) and my first five star read of the year!

I don't usually go for contemporary novels, but when I heard that the main character was ace, I couldn't pass up a chance to check it out! And I'm so glad I did. This book was fabulous. I loved all the characters from Alice to Takumi to Feenie (I would love a side story about her and her family background to be quite honest) and they all felt real to me. Kann has done an incredible job of making the characters come off the page and into the real world.

This book was a cute read, but it also touched on aphobia, racism, unwanted sexual advances, and more. However, it was done in such a way that something that could have made this a heavy book was not a complete downer. It didn't shy away from the topics, but it also didn't let it bog down the main point of the story: finding love and acceptance.

I say finding love in a very general sense. I don't just mean in a romantic sense, but also in the familial one. Kann managed to balance romance trouble with family trouble and I thought it was great and very believable. I felt that what Alice was going through could have easily been a real situation faced by some people. Even if someone could not completely understand one situation, Alice went through so many that I feel that a reader could relate to at least one.

The writing was interesting and I really loved Alice's asides to herself that were showcased in parentheses. Alice herself was, as stated, very relatable, but her random side thoughts just made her all the more believable. After all, who hasn't talked to themselves in their heads?

This is a fantastic read that I really recommend.

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