• Sarah Nestler

Review: "Legendary Ladies" and "Bad Girls Throughout History" by Ann Shen

Two quick reads that I enjoyed!

For Legendary Ladies I loved the varying pantheons from different cultures around the world but I still felt like I wanted and needed more - more goddesses, more information, and more diversity.

The information that was given was good, if a bit brief, and the illustrations were gorgeous! I also enjoyed the little end caps for each goddess that suggested when you might try to call on a them to help you in your life.

As for Bad Girls Throughout History, I found this book more thorough and more enjoyable than Legendary Ladies - there was a lot more information provided! Not enough to bog down the book with facts, but just enough to whet your appetite for the wonderful ladies that were presented in the book.

I really enjoyed learning about the (mainly) real badass women that have been sprinkled across time. I think my favorite to learn about was Aphra Behn, the first professional female writer.

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