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Interview with Nafiza Azad

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Brief bio: Nafiza Azad is the author of the recently published YA novel The Candle and the Flame.

Okay, I have already read your fantastic debut and I loved every second! For those that don't know about your book, how is your book diverse?

I think the synopsis alone will indicate the many ways in which it is diverse.

Fair enough! For those that don't know the synopsis, you can find it easily on Goodreads and the like. So, what inspired you to write diversly?

You don’t choose to write diversely. You choose to tell a story. I write about the world and its people albeit in fantastical landscapes. The world is not a single colour or a single sexual orientation. People don’t call their God by the same name. I write as the world is.

That's an interesting take on writing diversly. I really like it; it's very true. So, what does diversity in books mean to you?

Diversity in books means seeing people like me in literature, knowing I have a story worth telling, reaffirming my worth as a person. It’s a heady feeling.

For those out there that are in need of other books that include diversity, what are your favorites that include diverse characters and voices?

All the books I read are ones that show many cultures and races. Diversity is not something that can be added or subtracted, in my opinion. Some of my favourite books are Kate Elliott’s Spiritwalker Trilogy, Allison Croggon’s Pellinor series, Alif the Unseen by G. Willow Wilson, and Sorcerer to the Kingdom by Zen Cho.

I will have to check those out! One last question - what are five words you would use to describe your book?

Fiery, passionate, feminist, delicious, romantic.

And that's the end! Thank you to Nafiza Azad for being so willing and helpful in answering the questions I had for her!

If you want to check out Nafiza Azad's Twitter, click HERE

Look forward to more interviews from authors, editors, and the like soon!

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